May 23-25, 2020

Memorial Day Family Camp May 23-25, 2020

Get away for the weekend with a family trip to El Camino Pines Family Memorial Day Camp! Come with your whole family, or come alone and meet some new friends! Children will have their own activities led by the LRCC staff. Enjoy a weekend of family, fun and fellowship! Adults meet separately with a keynote speaker. El Camino Pines Family Memorial Day Camp begins Saturday May 23rd with registration at 2pm. The retreat ends on Monday, May 25th, after worship and an early lunch. We are hoping to see you all at camp for another great Family Memorial Day Camp.

Registration is done online and is now open. Please visit for more information and registration options.

Memorial Day Family Camp

Registration Costs

Age 12 and up: $125.00

Age 4-11: $110.00

Age 3 and under: Free

Family Max: $380.00

RV Camp/Tent Camping Age 12 and up: $105.00

RV Camp/Tent Camping Age 4-11: $95.00

RV Camp/Tent Camping Age 3 and under: Free

RV Camp/Tent Camping Family Max: $330.00