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Summer Camp

Summer Staff 2018


Egertson Pastor Glen & Lauri Egertson
Executive Directors, LRCC - Summer Program Directors

Glen and Lauri are the proud parents of four children and three grandchildren. Lauri was raised in San Diego, CA and was confirmed in the Catholic Church before becoming a Lutheran. After completing a program in Nursing, she worked as an Optician and Office Manager for several doctors while raising her family. She enjoys reading just about anything, being outside in the mountains and working on the farm. Glen is a third generation Lutheran pastor. Before being ordained, he worked as a janitor, carpenter and psychotherapist. He is a graduate of the Lutheran Bible Institute in California, California Lutheran University (twice) and Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary. Glen enjoys woodworking and watching old movies.

Anthony Anthony
Director of Outreach, LRCC - Summer Program Director

Anthony recently returned to LRCC as the new Director of Outreach, and is deeply involved in LRCC's social media presence. He served on our year round program team for several years, after spending a year traveling the country on a traveling music team. Anthony sets the rhythm for our camps with his African drum and is affectionately known at camp as the 'Coordinator of Joy.' He loves music, creating spontaneous dance parties, making new friends and spending time with old friends.


Meet our Year Round Administrative Staff.

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