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Ministry Volunteers

Ministry Volunteers are church professionals who volunteer a week of their time with us at El Camino Pines, Luther Glen or Beach Camp.

If you are interested in being a Ministry Volunteer contact the LRCC Administrative Office.

Your role for the week is flexible – you can be involved as much or as little as you want with the campers, staff, and/or program.  We want you to be able to use your specific gifts to enrich our camp for the week.  

Here is a list of ways you can be of service:

  • Help plan and participate in a worship or campfire
  • Lead a devotion for our counseling staff
  • Be a resource for staff in their Bible study and worship planning
  • Be available during staff breaks to discuss vocation, faith, or just to hang out!
  • Partner with a counselor one day during their cabin’s Bible study
  • Participate in camper activities to connect with the kids

Talk to the Camp Director about your goals and expectations for your time at camp, as well as what unique opportunities are available for you that week.

Please return these forms to the LRCC Administrative Office two weeks prior to your arrival:

Feedback Form