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Summer Camp

eCamp Services

How to Access eCamp Services
1. Go to http://LRCC.ecamp.net.
2. You may login using your email address and password created during online registration.
3. You will have to register by using a one time camp code necessary for security. Our 2018 camp code is lrcc2018.
4. Follow the instructions on the site to complete.

Connect with your Camper
Daily pictures: Join our online camp community at El Camino Pines or Luther Glen! eCamp allows parents to be able to see photos from camp every day.  We have staff who are taking pictures all day long.  They upload the pictures to our eCamp system so parents can log on and see what camp life is like.  Pictures can be bought online and friends and family can be invited in as well to see the pictures (only if you invite them). 

Emails: eCamp also allows parents to send emails to campers while away at camp.  Every day, the staff prints out emails and gives them to the kids. These are just one way emails so the campers cannot respond but they do love getting email at camp!

Need help with eCamp?
Please call 866-517-0759, or you can also submit a request through the LRCC eCamp site by clicking on customer service and filling out the online form.

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