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Contact Us

  • Administrative Office

    11900 Frontier Road, Frazier Park, CA 93225

  • El Camino Pines

    11900 Frontier Road, Frazier Park, CA 93225

  • Luther Glen Camp & Retreat Center

    39136 Harris Road, Oak Glen 92399

LRCC Staff

For pictures and bios please see our Meet the Staff page.

Pastor Glen Egertson Executive Director of LRCC Glen@LRCChome.com
Lauri Egertson Executive Director of LRCC Lauri@LRCChome.com
Day Camp Daycamp@LRCChome.com
Beach Camp Beachcamp@LRCChome.com
Jan Garris Chief Financial Officer Jan@LRCChome.com
Greg Shepherd Development Director Greg@LRCChome.com
Matt Kufeld Camp Director, El Camino Pines Matt@LRCChome.com
Marketing Director, LRCC
Summer Camp Staff SummerStaff@LRCChome.com
Nathan Maxwell-Doherty Camp Director, Luther Glen Nate@LRCChome.com
  Director of Outreach, LRCC  
  Connections Office@LRCChome.com
Drew Ajer Program Director, El Camino Pines Outdoor School Drew@LRCChome.com
Beth Spadaro Farm Director, Luther Glen Beth@LRCChome.com
Melanie Cornejo Administrative Assistant, LRCC Melanie@LRCChome.com
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